As Oy Kuopion Maaherrank. 3

This site consists of 60 apartments and is large by Kuopio's standards. Renovation work replaced drains and utility water pipelines, and remodelled the apartments' bathrooms and the housing company's shared spaces. 

As Oy Vuorelanpossu

The original plan for this site was to cast the drains and replace only the utility water pipelines. During negotiations it was established however that it would be more worthwhile for the housing company to also have the drains replaced. Waterproofing and surfaces in the apartments' bathrooms were replaced and shared spaces were also renovated.

As Oy Kuopionlahti

A large, seven-storey housing company in a prime location with great views over lake Kallavesi. We carried out a pipe renovation to replace all the pipes, bathrooms and shared spaces. Balcony repairs carried out in 2014-2015 also removed the building's old balconies and replaced them with new, modern ones.