In the future Monirakennus will also be able to carry out drain renovations on blocks of flats, terraced houses and small detached or semi-detached houses. The interior renovation of drains will supplement construction operations, meaning that Monirakennus will be a one-stop shop for construction work and drain casting. 

We use the TKR pipe renovation method using safe and tested Finnish technology products. A drain cast using the TKR method is a damp-proof, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant product that can withstand impact and bending due to its high elongation at break value. The renovated drain is also elastic and anti-static. TKR products are also odourless during and after installation. 

"As a construction contractor we've seen all kinds of piping contractors in various projects and have taken note of the problems that occur when contracts are divided and fragmented. By carrying out drain casting ourselves, we can offer the same responsibility and quality of work that our customers are used to in our construction operations," explains Project Manager Kai Seppänen. As is the case in its construction operations, Kuopion Monirakennus also places high emphasis on customer services, communication and a professional approach when it carries out drain casting work.

The expansion into new areas will mean changes to the organisation of the company. Timo Miettinen, who has worked for almost 10 years as a senior site manager, will become site manager for drain casting and will also be responsible for calculations. 

Further information is available from:

Timo Miettinen

+358 (0)50 305 5718