As part of our plans to expand, Kuopion Monirakennus has decided to rebrand and will continue its operations under the name Kumoni. Managing Director Pasi Pitkänen is happy with the company's new name and look: "People have been calling us Kumoni informally for a while now, so it was easy to adjust to the name change. The new name is also easier to use when we're working elsewhere in Finland. But our roots are in Kuopio and the new name also reflects that." 

Kumoni is a construction company specialising in renovations. It has operated in the Kuopio region since 2002. It is a major provider of pipe renovations for housing companies in Kuopio and the surrounding areas. Kumoni has also renovated several significant public sites, such as the Orthodox Church Museum of Finland, the Kuopio Market Hall and the Alava church.

The next step for the company is to expand to other cities. According to Managing Director Pasi Pitkänen, there is growing demand all over Finland for high-quality renovations that truly show consideration for residents and their concerns. The company is currently engaging in negotiations with partners in cooperation and with interest groups in several companies, and its first projects outside of Kuopio are due in the coming months. 

The increase in our range of services to include drain casting that we announced a few weeks ago has also accelerated our growth and expansion. Different sites require different working methods, and it is in the best interest of residents to select the most suitable method for a site. Project Manager Kai Seppänen also emphasises the importance of customer service in renovations: "As we work in people's homes, it's important for each and every employee to understand that we are in the service industry," he says.