KUMONI donates €5,000 to Kuopion Sotaveteraanit Ry

In honour of Independence Day on 6.12.2016 and independent Finland, we decided to donate this year’s Christmas gift to Kuopion Sotaveteraanit Ry. We donated €5,000 to support veterans and their spouses in living at home.

The organisation is experiencing financial difficulties and relies on external support, and needs companies like ours and associations to make their operations possible. Our veterans and their spouses have walked a difficult path and performed a great service for all of us so that we may live peacefully in the Finland we know today. It is our obligation to pay our respect for their actions and the sacrifices that they have made for us.

We challenge all Kuopio companies to add to the Christmas gift pot for Kuopion Sotaveteraanit Ry so that they may continue their good work for the benefit of veterans and veterans’ spouses. Let’s all get involved for this vital and worthy cause.

We’re all in this together.